Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring business owner?

That’s me, Casey Cavell, in the picture below (forth from the left in red) with a few members of our Impact 2:52 team.  This picture was taken this past January at our corporate awards banquet for one of the franchise concepts we have helped develop.   Many years prior back in 2011 I became a franchise business owner and a year later we won the franchise of the year award.  The past decade I have had the opportunity to be involved in business ownership at many levels.

I have owned real estate based businesses, retail focused stores, and service-focused companies, membership-based businesses, among just a few. I have done this is in both the traditional small business model and franchise based models. I am thankful to say, I have experienced success in each field, but it was not by accident. Over the years I put a focus on building a great team; incorporated great coaches, and worked extremely hard to reach our preferred future.

If you have come to this page you might have an interested in business ownership yourself and the best part, being your own boss. I personally have a passion for guiding those down the exciting process of starting their very own business, one that I went through years ago.

I started back in 2006, without a clue on what it took to fulfill the dreams that I had for myself. Through shear hard work and learning some tough lessons along the way I made it through a very tough time with the help of a close network I developed. Ultimately achieving those goals and dreams I wrote down back on my yellow pad shortly after leaving Purdue University without a degree.

I am passionate about working with aspiring business owners, that are going through a period of self-examination and deliberation to decide if business ownership is right for them.

If you feel that our team could be of assistance to you, we are here to help.

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