LARGE-nobackgroundImpact 2:52

Managing Member

Impact 2:52 is a Management Consulting, Business Coaching & Training company. Impact works with existing business owners, management teams, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

In 2014, Casey with his business partners Chad Merrill and Mike Moye founded the company. They each bring a diverse background, unique set of skills, and prior business successes that make the company effective in multi-disciplines.

The Impact team was formed out of a business partnership when the partners first bought the D-BAT Baseball & Softball Academy in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. The team realized that they had a systematic way to run D-BAT along with other businesses and came together to form Impact. The goal was to take their skill sets and create simple, scalable, and sustainable business models where others companies and business owners could benefit.

After the Impact team was formed, they started getting requests from other business owners that were seeking to improve various aspects of their business. As with most small businesses, there are daily struggles. Impact understands those struggles because we have been there as well. Our mission is to come alongside entrepreneurs and provide practical strategies to enhance their business effectiveness and expand their influence as leaders.

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dbat logoBC Training Solutions

Past President

In February 2011, Casey formed BC Training Solutions to purchase an underperforming all-sports training academy in Buckhead, GA. Despite being a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art facility, the business lacked a focus and mission. This resulted in the business never generating more than $500,000 in revenue in any year of business.

Casey purchased the business and soon brought structure and process that turned the tide. After rebranding the current location to the D-BAT Baseball & Softball Academy name, Casey installed a results-based culture within the business and did over $1,000,000 in revenue in the first twelve months of operation. This location was honored by D-BAT for being the Franchise of the Year in its first year and the business is currently one of the best performing D-BAT academies nationwide. Since partnering with the Impact team, Casey and his partners have started 4 other D-BAT locations, all of which are among the top performing academies in the country.


Pita PitPita Pit

Managing Partner

In late 2016, Casey and his Impact 2:52 partners were introduced to a recent college graduate from the University of West Georgia named John Crossley.  During his time as a student at the University, John had the vision to start his own business (Pita Pit) in the same town (Carrollton, GA) he attended college.  John had a business plan and goals for what he wanted to achieve.  However, like many aspiring entrepreneurs, he lacked some of the means necessary to make this dream a reality.

John went through a vetting process with Casey and his partners and after extensive due diligence, they made an investment in John and are opening their first Pita Pit Franchise in 1st Quarter 2017.  Casey and the Impact 2:52 team look to Inspire, Influence, and Impact, and this opportunity is the perfect fit.  John has the skill and the will to be a successful business owner and Casey is excited to expand into the restaurant business with him.

About Pita Pit

Pita Pit was founded by Nelson Lang on the idea that people want a fresh, healthy alternative to fast food. Born in Canada in 1995, Pita Pit creates a fun, casual atmosphere where customers can create their perfect pita amongst our endless flavor combinations of lean meats, toppings and spreads. Pita Pit expanded into the US in 1999 and is growing steadily as we add to our franchise family nationwide. Pita Pit USA’s headquarters are based in the northwest town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.



alwaysopenstorageAlways Open Storage

Past President

In January 2009, Casey formed Always Open Storage. Their first acquisition was made in March of 2009 when Casey purchased this 255-unit self-storage facility in Danville, Illinois. The Danville facility was purchased at an occupancy of 65%. After the purchase, Casey’s team of management professionals quickly turned around the operation and generated an occupancy rate of 95% within 90 days. He installed management and operational systems that streamlined the business management processes. These systems led to increased revenues and minimized expenses. In May 2011, Casey & his investors completed a highly successful sale.

In February 2010, Always Open Storage’s next acquisition was made. This 500-unit self-storage facility in Covington, Georgia was purchased at an occupancy of 53%. Similarly to the Danville facility, Casey’s team of management professionals quickly turned around the operation and generated an occupancy rate of 93% within four months. He attributes the success of the turn-around to the management and operational systems that helped him in his previous facility. Similar to Danville, the greatly enhanced ROI resulted in tremendous value creation for Casey and his investor which resulted in another successful sale.


3c3C Investing, LLC

Past President

3C Investing, LLC was developed to purchase underperforming real estate properties in 2006 by Impact member Casey Cavell. Over the next four years, Casey was able to identify strategic real estate opportunities during one of the most dangerous times to be an investor.  Through immense study and research of the real estate markets, along with his tremendous due diligence, Casey was able to make himself and his investors solid returns during the great recession from 2007 to 2009.



Former Managing Partner

In January 2015, Casey became an investor and partner in MegMade, INC. His goal was to help his friends, Joe and Meg Piercy, get their small furniture business to a point where it was simple, scalable, and sustainable.

Over the next 12 months, Casey introduced the Impact team and put his proprietary systems and processes in place to ensure an operation that maximized revenues and reduced expenses. Casey worked alongside the MegMade team and was able to create an organizational chart that best utilized the team’s talents to ensure the company was built to last. After 12 months of intensively focusing on the three P’s (People, Process, and Product), the business was built on a solid foundation and thriving operationally.

During the first 12 months, the business doubled in size and quickly became an iconic brand in Chicago. Their product has been featured on numerous media outlets and has become a favorite of designers, celebrities & everyday consumers. Exactly one year after he bought into MegMade, Casey sold back his portion of the company to Joe and Meg, empowering them to continue as a sustainable family business.


Goshen College Baseball – Assistant Coach
Casey has had the pleasure of working under the leadership of Coach Alex Childers, since the Childers era started back in 2013.

Casey has been a consultant, recruiter, and assistant coach for the Goshen College Maple Leafs for the past 5 years. He has been instrumental in helping develop systems and processes that provide value for both the players and coaching staff.

In it’s 5th year under the leadership of Alex Childers, the team had one of it’s most successful seasons in the history or the school. Although win’s and losses do not measure the success of the program, it has been encouraging to see the win’s pile up as a tangible expression of all the hard work. More exciting is the development that occurs with the players off the field. Casey enjoys the emphasis the coaching staff places on the students individually. He is excited for the future of the program. Go Leafs.