Current Entrepreneurs

Are you a current business owner?

I appreciate you taking the time to research the resources that I have developed for business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are visiting this page you are most likely in one of three categories.

#1 You have successfully figured out a way to use systems and processes to scale your business, so the business you own runs without you.

• Isn’t that the definition of a business? “A money making venture that does not rely on the an owner-operator.”?

#2 You are successfully running your current business and are actively looking for ways to scale your business, maybe add a second location, or simply adding revenue to fulfill the market demand for your product or service. You are on the search to create a simple, scalable, and sustainable business.

#3 You are working in your business, struggling to find enough time in the day to balance the work needing to be done, with family life, and other obligations this world puts on is.

Fact: The facts are that nearly 80% of small business fail and another 66% fail within the first two years.

Cause #1: I believe the cause is not a lack of demand of the product or service they are selling, it’s simply the lack of education needed to success grow and run a business.

Cause #2: They don’t currently see light at the end of the tunnel, they do not have a specific step by step plan, to get them out of the day to day grind. Burnout kicks in and people simply give up.

No matter which of these three boats you are in, it’s going to be ok. I have personally been in all three of these situations at some point during my entrepreneurial career and I would appreciate being of assistance in reaching your business objective.

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