D-BAT Front Office Career Opportunity

The D-BAT Front Office Career Opportunity

My name is Casey Cavell and I am the President (owner) of D-BAT Baseball & Softball Academy here in Atlanta. You have ventured to this page most likely looking for a career opportunity in the front office with the top baseball and softball academy in the country.

I appreciate your time and interest, but will warn you that this opportunity is most likely not for you. We are looking for highly capable individuals who desire to achieve nothing short of greatness both personally and professionally. Our employee retention rate after 90 days is extremely low, however those that do make it are in an amazing position to achieve all of their goals, dreams, and desires for the rest of their career.

Before you apply I want to be 100% clear of what this opportunity is. We have a low tolerance for slackers and prefer to weed out the weak.

#1 Experience is NOT Necessary

-We would rather bring on someone with a high school diploma that has a great attitude, high energy level, and willingness to take direction from top leaders in this industry. A college degree is preferred, but without the right attitude and willingness to learn, that degree will not equal to success in the real world.

#2  Willingness to Learn

-I am confident that you will learn more working with our company in six months than you would with any MBA at a highly accredited university. We teach business principles that are used in the real world. If you think you are already good, then don’t apply. We need someone who is willing to learn something new everyday and rise to any challenges that may arise.

#3 Attitude & Effort

If you maintain a positive attitude and put forth a 100% effort in all you do, you will have a tremendous career here at D-BAT. If you are willing to challenge others, be challenged, and learn new things, this opportunity can be for you.
Watch This Video for Further Clarification on the Opportunity

If this opportunity is still for you click submit to apply.

Part Time Employees: If you are currently attending school or looking to do something part time this could be a tremendous opportunity to build your resume. Please click submit if you are looking to work in a challenging environment.