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Entrepreneur, Jesus Follower, & Advisor Casey Cavell Hi, I’m Casey Cavell! Read my bio About Casey Cavell Casey Cavell is an award-winning entrepreneur, Jesus follower, and trusted advisor to those looking to reach their highest potential. He attributes his success to his parents, who taught him the value of hard work and diligence, and to […]


Casey Cavell’s talk at the Concordia Lutheran High School Alumni Awards reception where he received the Neale M. Shank Award. June 1st, 2019. Casey Cavell, a 2003 graduate and business leader, is being awarded the Neale M. Shank Award. The Neale M. Shank Award, named in honor of an alumnus who died while serving in […]

Accredited Investors

Are you an accredited investor? We are also looking for a select group of accredited investors to being developing relationships with to see if our needs align. We have a few partnership opportunities currently open, for the select individuals that have an interest in participating with us in our businesses growth. If you are an […]

Current Entrepreneurs

Are you a current business owner? I appreciate you taking the time to research the resources that I have developed for business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are visiting this page you are most likely in one of three categories. #1 You have successfully figured out a way to use systems and processes to scale […]

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring business owner? That’s me, Casey Cavell, in the picture below (forth from the left in red) with a few members of our Impact 2:52 team.  This picture was taken this past January at our corporate awards banquet for one of the franchise concepts we have helped develop.   Many years prior back in 2011 […]


MegMade CEO, Meg Piercy, has grown from painting a changing table into a business that has sold pieces to thirty-two states, employs ten people, and has more than 300 pieces to offer at all times. “MegMade is all about bringing new life to vintage pieces,” Meg says. With unique designs and quality in mind, MegMade […]